Energy & Sustainability

Operating your facilities with an eye on energy and water consumption can create a dramatic impact on your operating income.  We have seen buildings that are consuming 3x the amount of electricity as they should be simply due to a lack of awareness.  Our energy audits are a comprehensive effort to understand exactly how your buildings are operate and then will be compared to peer groups of buildings that are similar in size, use, and type. 

Certified C-PACE Contractor

Capital AE is a certified C-PACE consultant.  We work with for-profit and non-for-profit clients to provide building owner’s with a multi-phased energy audit and facility assessment that starts with identifying capital assets that have the highest potential to reduce your annual energy/water expenditures.  We will discuss the preliminary assessment with you to determine exactly where your finances are best invested and which opportunities will have the quickest returns.  After we narrow the C-PACE construction scope of work down, we analyze your utility bills in granular detail and solicit bids from contractors to ensure the projects are viable and to increase confidence in the capital investments prior to collaborating with C-PACE to solidify the loans.

Once the C-PACE loans are in place, we help our clients solicit bids, award contracts, and manage the design and construction.  This turn-key approach allows our clients to focus on what they do best while we increase their buildings efficiency, resiliency, and operating income!

Energy Audit

Did you know there is insulation underneath your roof deck and often you have the opportunity to dramatically increase the thermal efficiency of your building when replacing your roof? This opportunity comes around every 20-30 years and it may be worth your while to capitalize on this when the time is ripe.

Roofing is among many of the capital assets in your portfolio that contribute to your electric and gas bills. Understanding where the return on investment makes sense and strategically approaching capital asset replacements with energy and sustainability mindsets is where we can help building owners be tactical. We have Certified Energy Management staff available to identify low hanging fruit to more complex endeavors for long term gains and reduced environmental impacts. We provide energy audits to identify potential quick hitters that can have ROI’s of less than 12 months.


The electrification wave is on the rise and you need to be prepared for building energy code requirements.  Contact us today to get the support you need.

News, Resources, and More...

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) are conducting a new webinar series that provides an opportunity to learn from technical experts who have hands-on experience working with schools. Speakers for the October 27th webinar will share projects and retrofits relevant to lighting in schools, to save energy and create healthier spaces for learning.

Who should participate?

School districts, schools, or supporters such as contractors or state agencies.


Why participate?

Speakers will discuss useful lighting standards, tools, and guides for schools, along with:

  • DOE’s integrated lighting campaign, and how schools can participate
  • An in-depth look at an innovative lighting project in a school district
  • Measurement and verification
  • Research that highlights health and safety benefits

Please register here and see more details on their website!