About Us.

Capital AE originally began as Capital Asset Engineering, an asset management database company that transformed into a consulting service. Our founder served one of the largest school districts in Colorado in the Facilities Department where a process was conceived that captures capital assets in a way that is simple, logical, innovative, intelligent, and understandable for an audience who doesn’t necessarily speak the language. And out of that database are reports and templates that quickly translate into tangible actions for taking care of facilities through strategic long-range capital planning.


Our unique method of assessing and managing capital assets is different in that it embraces the idea of sustainable stewardship in a way that is maintainable indefinitely. The idea that a facility condition assessment should be done every 10 years did not seem practical or sustainable as facilities are changing much more quickly. Our approach enables clients to see the status and condition of their facilities at all times and has been successfully utilized across a multitude of industries, even outside the K-12 industry.


Capital assets are often the most valuable property in an organization. We understand that every client has a different set of values and a different set of resources. Our journey starts with getting to know our client’s priorities as there is no reason for us to go down the wrong path when prioritizing a replacement plan. And our approach is fully customizable that can be scaled to the enterprise level in a few clicks. Once the fundamentals are set, we begin to paint a picture of what sustainable stewardship of their assets truly means to our clients.


We also believe it’s important to make clear that unlike the temptation design architects and engineering firms may have to artificially inflate the condition of your buildings in hopes of downstream design work, we have no such conflict of interest. We don’t offer design services, so we have no downstream benefit in making your buildings look worse than what they really are. In fact, stewarding your buildings and capital assets is our bread and butter; our mission is to help you get the most out of them and if we aren’t doing that, we aren’t doing our job.

We Believe.

We believe that buildings require a similar tender-loving-care that we require of our own bodies. If we never brush our teeth, how long will it be before they develop cavities? Or, if we use our favorite soft drink rather for mouthwash than a good quality anti-septic, would that be a wise decision? Buildings are similar in nature, arguably less forgivable, and lash back with a vengeance when we neglect good routine maintenance like brushing our teeth. Capital AE is here to take the burden off your shoulders when it comes to being your own dentist or primary care physician so you can avoid the Intensive Care Unit. We believe in data-driven and evidence-based facility care and are passionate about helping clients invest in the right places to provide a safe and healthy environment to work in, learn in, and thrive in.


When it comes to caring for buildings, it’s good to know how they’re designed, how they’re constructed, and how to take care of them once the keys are handed over. Here at Capital AE, we have experience and expertise in all three realms. We bring decades of experience managing facilities for school district’s, working as commercial and industrial contractors, and as consultants for facility owners.


We have licensed Professional Engineering on staff to help school districts and building owners get the most out of their buildings. Most recently, we have been conducting webinars across the nation helping school facilities managers adjust their HVAC in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure safe working and learning environments.


It is truly a privilege to be given the opportunity to walk along-side our clients as they make critical choices around capital investments. We are passionate about seeing organizations care for their buildings like we care for ourselves and we would be honored to work with you.